Landing Pages
Many companies create separate landing pages for specific search and keyword terms. Landing page design can take time, but an experienced consultant can frequently minimize costs based on an understanding of proven landing page development strategies.
Optimized Video
Video content may be embedded in a standard web page or simply posted on sites such as YouTube. A good strategy for gaining the most possible viewers is to do both. Promoting video content through social channels can support the effort to attract new readers.
Google Places
A great part of an effective local marketing strategy, Google Places can capture reviews and gain new customer attention. There are a few strategies to setting up the "Places" and Google+ environment so that these two pages work together and are easy to manage.

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Efficiency Through Situation Analysis
Managing the costs of a marketing and SEO effort can be helped by a thorough understanding of the current website and social media situation. A website audit can quickly determine whether there are serious structural problems that need to be addressed prior to modifying any website content or engaging in social media outreach. Website audits typically include load speed analysis as well as a quick code review. Sites that load quickly and have few page code errors tend to be more favorably placed on the search engine results. Many websites are old or were constructed under outdated design rules that can degrade search engine performance. Our standard site audit can identify these problems quickly and therefore focus available budget on correcting any problems so that full value of any future marketing efforts may be realized.

Maximizing the marketing effort also requires understanding who the right audience is and which possible customer groups are the most likely to engage and buy. A customer profile review can identify opportunities in the communication and optimization strategy so that the entire effort is made much more efficient and cost effective.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases
Putting the communication strategy to work online means that each web page must be crafted to work with the way consumers fitting the profile are seeking information. Phrasing the content includes understanding which keywords and phrases consumers use to look for information. Building the outreach strategy around phrases and terms commonly used by consumers to search for information prior to initiating a purchase delivers relevant information directly to those searching for it. In this way, the organization has an opportunity to build a relationship with a new potential customer or client. Keyword studies to identify these channels and terms need not be expensive. Experienced help can minimize costs!

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Denver SEO Understanding the Competition

A competitive analysis can help identify strategies that competitors are using to capture market share and visibility. Any organization that needs to compete with others online needs to understand the strengths and weaknesses of primary competitors. The findings of a competitive analysis frequently reveals how the competitor attracts new business and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Once these are identified, a strategy can be developed to exploit the competitors' weaknesses while avoiding his areas of strength.

Competing Against Strong Companies
One of the great things about internet marketing is that even small companies can compete with huge, multinational corporations. In fact, many large companies compete very poorly on a local level. The secret to success is building a brand image that local buyers find compelling and then delivering that image to consumers in key target markets. Usually, large corporations react very slowly to changes in their competitive situation. Smaller organizations can use this to their advantage when developing their online market and outreach strategy.

Keeping Marketing Affordable Our organization helps companies of all sizes compete for new business using online and internet strategies. Keeping client costs down means working with clients to understand the key elements of their product, service, delivery and value proposition and then translating those into effective consumer outreach strategies. No two companies are alike. Each strategy needs to be unique to each organization.

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