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Is a Good Website Necessary?
Absolutely! An obvious point is that a well-designed page keeps readers on it. One that is unprofessional risks losing the traffic your SEO effort is working overtime to attract. On top of that, certain types of images and page construction methodologies can actually work against the site owner's interests.
What is 'Tagging?'
The search engine robots look at certain pieces of every web page in order to determine what the page is about. Some of these pieces are called 'tags' or meta tags. The verbiage used in these tags is highly important in helping the search engines guide readers to your page. Without descriptive tagging that accurately describes the page content, the search engines get confused. If the Googlebots are confused, they won't help users find your site.
Do "Interstitial" Ads Work?
Interstitial advertisements appear as 'pop up' pages as the user navigates from one site to the next. Building a method to deliver these advertisements is difficult, but for some companies it can pay off. For others it just creates a nuisance page that users love to either prevent via their pop up settings or simply delete at every opportunity. However, on extremely high-traffic sites, these things actually work as they catch the user at a point in his page navigation where he may be more receptive to an advertising message.

Web Page Development in Denver Web Page Development and SEO

Denver Web Site Development

Never under estimate the power of a great website!

Not only can a good website attract traffic, it can also be the primary way to communicate and build brand strength, name recognition and other key business attributes. Websites can also attract repeat visitors and convert those visitors into paying customers.

In the beginning though, a good website must have at its core, a solid plan to use every available asset to position itself to attract as many relevant visitors as possible.

Denver Web Design Building a Web Page from Scratch

Many companies first build their web sites and then set about optimizing it. Unfortunately, this can make the task more difficult. Pre-construction decisions can greatly enhance the ability of search engine robots to understand, classify and place your site on the results pages. URL composition, page structure, image components all play a large role in determining which pages are returned by the search engines.

URL construction can help search engine robots understand the content of the page. Even if your organization has a strong central web address, a creatively designed page URL can help bring in additional traffic.

Remember that the search engine robots that classify all pages on the internet are nothing more than machines. They make no aesthetic judgment about site quality. All they are interested in is accurately understanding the page content and then associating that content with how other sites link to that page. Accordingly, structuring a page so that the search engine robots can easily move through the site and quantify the content is very important.

Many organizations use a Content Management System or CMS to allow users to edit and modify various pages within the web site. There are many good CMS systems available, but choosing one that allows easy access to the internal 'tagging' allows the organization to continuously update content and .

For those seeking page design services that work hand-in-hand with Search Optimization processes, contact Denver SEO Consultants today and sending a quick introductory note. Creating a new internet web presence fully designed to compete for new business can put your company on the fast track to greater sales, higher revenue and improved profitability!

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