How to Get Followers on Google+ .. Using Photos and Images

Getting more followers on Google+ is the endgame for many social media managers. More followers means more traffic, better acceptance, a wider community and in some instances, improved search engine rankings. In the end, attracting followers is a function of effort; one just can’t build a good following without investing time in the process.

Putting in the time to reach out to others within the niche, comment thoughtfully on information and to participate in the wider online conversation is the essential procedure to attract followers. However, there are some elements that are frequently overlooked that, if unaddressed, will inhibit the organization from attracting as many Google+ followers as it otherwise might.

These overlooked areas of Google+ engagement include creation and management of the images and pictures used in the Google+ page itself as well as on any blog article or page that the manager chooses to link to from Google+.

Google+ managers compete for readers’ attention and must do so in an extremely limited amount of time – perhaps in sub-second intervals. In that short time, the manager has to provide a reason for the reader to look at the comment, article reference or click over to the G+ page for that organization. In most cases, that reason is the thoughtful comment or note. It is not uncommon though, for readers to skip over a comment if they cannot discern anything about the organization making the comment from the images displayed.

When setting up a Google+ page or evaluating its performance, it should be noted that images are important. There are three main types of images that most frequently appear in Google+:

  • Cover Photo
  • Profile Photo
  • Blog Image or Photo (from a page linked on a comment or post)

Each of these images should say or represent something about the company or about the business focus.

Cover Photo:
This image is the main masthead for the Google+ page. It is amazing how many users simply do not post anything! Google then inputs a non-descript image with some circles and colors across the top. Whenever a reader “mouses” over a comment, this image displays along with the top of the Google+ page. If G+ readers are looking for serious members of the niche to interact with, it isn’t helpful at all to be presented with a boring, generic image.

Every time your information gets in front of a reader – even if only for a split second, it is an opportunity to reach out and communicate. The Cover Photo is an opportunity to share information about the organization. Leaving it out is a missed opportunity! Taking the time to create an image or a photograph of the storefront (or even the sign on the door) is well worth the effort!

Profile Photo:
A Profile Photo is necessary for a Google+ page. The Profile Photo appears on the face of the Google+ page and is the square image that overlays the cover photo. It is very important that the Profile Photo or image be easy to read and reflect something about the organization. The reason for this is that each time the G+ manager makes a comment on other content, this image is displayed in a very small size next to the comment.

Images that look great at full size may not render well when the image is contracted. So.. care is needed to create a Profile Photo or image that will display well when reduced. Images using a lot of text typically do not display well. As a result, another opportunity to connect with readers may be lost. Care and testing should take place with selecting a Profile Photo to ensure that the image is still meaningful when displayed in reduced size. This may take some trial and error, but it is worth the effort.

Blog Images:
Blogs allow uploading of images of course to help the writer make her/his points. When promoting this content on Google+, these images are grabbed by the system and displayed as part of the news feed that goes out to all your followers. Infographics are hugely useful for inclusion in blog as they can deliver a great deal of information in a short period of time. When these graphics are included within a blog article, the image can help attract readers. Again, some forethought and testing can make the most out of one’s limited time to invite readers to follow and communicate.

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