Introducing an Old Brand to a New Generation of Buyers

Old Company Reaches Younger Generation of Enthusiasts

Lionel Trains, manufacturers of the famous model railroads that chug around Christmas trees each holiday season, rolled out a social media campaign this season designed to introduce model trains to a new generation of buyers. The general idea for the train campaign was to associate its products with a popular children’s story – Polar Express. The film version of the Polar Express was released 10 years ago this season, providing just the right opportunity to connect a favorite story with a product line.

Lionel reported that a train set giveaway contest, featuring its Polar Express themed line of model trains, and outreach through its Facebook network, email campaign and other social channels generated significant numbers of new ‘likes’ as well as drove over 25,000 new visitors to its website. In an age of high-tech gifts, a model train set may not be at the top of every child’s wish list. But by using contemporary communication, and by reaching out to fans of the Polar Express story to increase visibility, the company enjoyed a nice increase in visibility.

Small Business Implications:

Merging marketing messages with well known themes or stories can work very well in building visibility. Online social networks provide unique forums to tell readers about upcoming events, invite them to read content and provide information about contests and other areas of interest.  Lionel leveraged the followers it had on its Facebook profile to reach out to new readers, who then responded by ‘Liking’ the Lionel page.  This added to the company’s visibility and reach into younger age groups.

Building relationships and expanding the reach of the social network can help in all manner of branding and sales initiatives. Building company social networks is essentially constructing your own communication channel that can be turned to any use you develop.Investing in social media development, search engine optimization (SEO) and in developing good quality and valuable content gets your message out into the wide world.

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