More Google+ Followers Leads to an Increase Website Traffic

HubSpot recently reported that 51% of business websites that had a Google+ page with a following of 51 to 100 received 106% more traffic than those with fewer than 25 followers. If the marketing objective is to get your organization’s message more widely distributed, then attracting traffic and visitors should be an important part of your marketing effort. This makes engagement on social platforms even more important.

Google+ engagement increases traffic in two primary ways:

  • Direct message distribution via social media
  • Improved SERP placement

Social Media Distribution:
Increases via direct distribution follows intuitive reasoning. The more people exposed to your message on Facebook, Pintrest and Google+, the greater the possibility of attracting them to your online content. This places a high level of importance on the quality of content to both provide readers the value they want as well as to inspire them to follow, endorse and consume future content.

Content production and marketing has then emerged as a major social media effort. Over-posting or putting out too much content with too little value dilutes the reader’s willingness to return to the site. Content with no value will get your reader to ‘un-follow’ you or lose interest in the online relationship. It takes an investment of time and effort to create this content and distribute it in a fashion that will attract and hold reader attention.

Another quick note about content:   good statistics – particularly data that you have developed or compiled yourself makes great content. This takes some nerve to post!  Some readers may disagree, but unique observations and opinions are what will make your content unique and valuable. A significant amount of recycling takes place with interesting statistics once a major research study is released. If you are the one to release these statistics, that discussion will revolve around you and cite you as the source!

SERP Placement:
Speaking of unique statistics, our internal research has also shown that increased social engagement can improve Search Engine Placement. Particularly on the Google+ platform, an increase in 100 followers typically yields an improvement in SERP placement.

For sites placing on page three or lower, these improvements can be significant. Google+ can be the methodology by which a company can get onto the top page. Of course this depends on the on-page optimization, keyword strength, competition and content value but we have seen results improve anywhere from 10 to 15 places for 100 followers on Google+.  Social engagement is a significant element in the SEO game and has emerged as an additional type of link building effort that can directly improve SERP placement.

Sites already on the top page are already in the thick of the competition battle, so improvements are a little less predictable. Still, for new sites that attract 100 followers to a business Google+ page, we have seen improvements land in the three to five places range. So a site ranking between five and 10 can improve to the top five by connecting its business website to a Google+ page and earning 100 followers.

Content development and social media engagement each require a significant level of effort. In the end though, this is what establishes an organization as a solid business entity capable of serving its customers well.

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