Branding Channels
A 'Branding Channel' is simply one communication resource that offers an organization an opportunity to describe itself and share information about the value of its products and services. The internet age has ushered in multiple branding channels ranging from Facebook to Twitter to Google+ - each of which must be effectively managed to maintain a positive and strong brand image.
Managing the Conversation
'The Conversation' is a term used by social media managers to describe what is being said about the company on the many online channels and forums. Of course every organization wants these conversations to be positive in nature, but with so many people now tuned into social networks, these conversations can get out of control quickly. Unfortunately, the company really cannot control these brand conversations, but they can influence how others see them. A good customer service and 'listening' strategy can usually help guide the conversation into more positive light.
Measuring Results
Positive engagement is a difficult thing to measure. Still, a variety of tools exist to assist an organization in understanding the tone of online exchanges that impact brand image. Access to these tools may be acquired at reasonable cost or through an SEO practitioner.

Low Cost Internet Marketing and SEO Brand Development in the Internet Age

Defining Your Brand
It has been said that branding is no longer in the hands of a given company. Rather it is firmly in control of that company's customer base. After all, what the customers say about an organization is much more important than what a company says about itself. How then does an organization in the internet age go about defining its brand?

There are two key ingredients in brand development; establishing a set of public objectives and building a system to ensure customers receive the promised value. Communication with customers and prospective consumers is key to both parts of this effort. A publicly stated set of service or product objectives sets consumer expectations and the product delivery and follow-up ensures that those expectations are met. SEO and social media management work hand-in-hand to manage all parts of the brand building exercise from carefully communicating important bits of information as well as in handling information from active customers.

Who Controls the Brand?
The customer controls the brand image. A company can influence the brand through its communication strategies, but in the end, customer feedback an interaction with other customers really controls the brand. Organizations that continually work to understand the changing consumer landscape and changing consumer tastes and preferences and manage their online communications effectively, are the ones with long-term brand building success.

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Denver SEO The Importance of "Non-Branded" Search

Consumers looking for information about a particular product or service that are unfamiliar with any company's brand image, are looking for non-branded information. This is one of the key opportunities in internet brand-building and marketing because these are consumers with a need that do not have an established brand preference for a particular product or service. These are consumers with a potential to be 'evangelized' or converted to a particular brand.

Positioning for Non-Branded Search
Configuring a web page or web environment to attract consumers looking for generic or non-branded information about a product or service are ones that enterprising organizations are looking to introduce themselves to. Presenting company information to new consumers with no preexisting brand preference is the real growth opportunity in internet marketing. Attracting these types of consumers to the company web page requires content and page construction that is implemented for this purpose. Attracting non-branded search visitors is a huge growth opportunity in most industries.

Affordable Brand Introduction Reorienting a website to compete for non-branded search requires research into consumer tastes and preferences as well as into how these consumers look for information. With many years of experience working with companies to build brand recognition and improve non-branded visibility, we have the experience to help companies grow and prosper. Contact us today at 303.506.1158 for more information.

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