Brand and Image Management
In the age of social media,information is delivered at hyper-speeds. Managing one's brand image then requires a strategy to handle changes in the communications and economic environments equally quickly. Reactive management strategies help keep one's brand image strong by coordinating communication through website management and social media outreach.
Building an Online Brand
One of the most significant changes in the marketing environment in the past 15 years has been the movement of brand management into customer and client communication spheres. Companies no longer control their brand. Their customers control the brand image. Managing the brand image then has become much more responsive to customer concerns, opinions and even complaints. Building a web and social media system to handle this level of communication in a positive manner is key to building and maintaining a strong, online brand image.
Customer Response
Responding and reacting to customer issues is now a much more public event. Many companies now use Facebook itself to handle customer service communications. The downside to this strategy is that the public sees all communication - including messaging that the consumer may not want to receive. The main advantage to this strategy is that organizations that provide great customer service have the opportunity to make sure the world knows how good they are at serving customer needs. A branding strategy must include a social media management outreach to handle information distributed in the public arena.

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The Art of "Getting Found"
What does it mean to 'Get Found?' In the internet world, it means that people looking for you or for information about what you do, can easily find you. Over the past ten years or so, the "Art of Getting Found" has become a central part of many marketing efforts. As the search engines allow companies of all sizes to compete for business and new customers, getting found means allowing prospective customers and consumers to read about your organization and the services you provide. Making one's organization more visible on search engine results and on social media channels, an opportunity for business and revenue growth can be realized.

SEO and Solutions to "Getting Found"
Getting found online requires organizing the company website and social media properties around central themes or easily communicated bits of information that accurately describe what the organization provides. Search engines in particular rely on web page content as well as on bits of information know as meta data or meta 'tags.' These tags help the search engines understand what the page is about. Once the search engines are confident about what the page contains, the more likely they are to return the page as a result when readers search for this information.

There are several other important strategies involved in getting the search engines to display a certain page as a highly placed result. These factors include page load speeds, page code validation and of course, content. The search engines want to return the best results for their readers as the #1 search results, so they are continually looking for ways to evaluate quality of content. One of the most important ways search engines learn if a page has quality content is whether or not a readers spends time on the page reading it. Page consumption and time on page are hugely important ranking factors, so 'Getting Found' online begins and ends with good quality, well composed and valuable content.

Low Cost Solutions
Experience in the Search Engine and SEO business helps us provide the coaching and strategy development necessary to helping clients achieve greater online visibility so that their customers and prospects can find them. Leveraging existing web content when possible and extending social media outreach using established channels are but two of the ways we can manage costs and keep the SEO and marketing effort as low as possible. Please contact us today at 33.506.1158 for a free analysis or consultation.

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Denver SEO Creating That Great Content

Creating great content is a sure way to build SEO and search strength. Content that readers find valuable and stay on the page to read is rewarded by Google and the common search engines with higher search page ranking. And of course, with higher rankings come more readers and more customers. Building improved visibility then requires creating the kind of text and content that not only answers reader's questions, but will keep them revisiting the page.

Content Checkpoints
Good value is the single biggest checkpoint that each web page should provide. Giving readers some bit of information they didn't previously know or confirming something for the consumer that they were previously unaware of is the first definition of value. Making the content entertaining and engaging is a writer's skill that enables the reader to engage with and relate to the content. There should also be some element of 'uniqueness' to each page. Website pages that share observations and analysis that aren't available anywhere else will keep readers revisiting the site in the future. It is important to remember that the search engines observe a great deal of activity, including time each reader spends on the page and the number of times readers return - all to make a value judgement on whether or not readers find the page text and content valuable.

Feedback Mechanism Creating great quality content can be a lot like shooting in the dark unless the reader has a way to respond. Google and the search engines can measure how long a reader stays on the page, but providing a response mechanism for the reader to use is equally important. Social media channels can help with this, but so can customer service blog pages or company blog sites. These pages increase engagement and can help keep the reader on the website for longer periods of time. When the search engines realize that readers are spending more and more time on the company site, they will judge the content to be more and more valuable. This frequently reslutsl with improved search engine rankings.

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