What Makes Good Content?
Good content provides value to the reader. Whether a new offer, a bit of advice or some other piece of information, reaching out to the community with new and helpful thoughts only benefits the organization.
What Form Should Content Take?
Blog posts are the traditional method of outreach, but new, social media channels have greatly expanded the opportunities for outreach.
How Does Content Help in SEO?
Valuable content that users like helps establish the author and the company as an authority in its field. This authority ranking is rewarded by better search engine placement.

Denver SEO Consultants for Article Distribution Matthew Stone - Lead SEO and Social Media Consultant

Article Marketing

Since 2008, Matthew Stone has helped companies of all sizes improve their businesses through internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management. By developing strategies uniquely suited for each client, he has improved website placement and enabled client companies to achieve higher sales and revenue, build stronger brands and improve social media reach.

From Press Release optimization to SEO to Social Media Management, each unique strategy is developed and implemented to fit the client's budget to generate the best results possible.

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Denver SEO Creating Valuable Content

Content management and the creation of valuable content typically presents two major challenges; finding enough time to create and structure article and understanding how distribution processes work. Distribution process have become quite a bit more complex recently, as the search engines have become quite critical of information they determine to be 'duplicate' or repeated content.

The challenge of creating valuable content simply revolves around developing an editorial calendar based on sharing value with consumers and members of the community. Sharing this value takes many forms, including a well-structured guest posting strategy as well as a social media outreach component. Both components need to work together to achieve good results.

As lead consultant for Denver SEO Consultants Matt trains company personnel in the art of creating short, useful articles for the purpose of reaching out to others in the community. Many companies have individuals on staff that would like to improve their value within the organization by learning this new and highly valuable skill. Matt has helped numerous clients create and curate the valuable internet content needed to compete for attention online!