Meta Data
Meta Data is content that is not immediately visible to the reader when the web page is open. However, meta data is displayed by the search engines when the website appears as a result on the search engine results page.
The term 'tagging' in Search Engine Optimization derives from the effort to set page 'tags' or meta data on each individual web page.
Keywords and keyword terms are words that others might use when searching for information. These terms must also accurately describe the content of each web page. A great deal of research is usually required to identify keyword terms that users search for that also describe the content of the web page.

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Search Engine Optimization enables a business operator to configure her/his Website to appear as a highly placed search engine result for common internet searches. Users of the internet rely on search engines to provide meaningful results to their questions. For business owners, appearing as a well-placed search result brings more readers and visitors to the company website. And in the end, the more visitors, the more potential customers with whom business relationships can be constructed.

Optimization and Configuration
Technically, the Search Engine Optimization process is simply configuring content so that the search engines will easily understand what each page is about. Configuring each individual web page to attract readers looking for different bits of information is a highly successful Search Engine strategy. After all, the more web pages in the business web environment that provide meaningful information, the more opportunities there are to reach readers.

Search Engine Optimization then, is the process of promoting the unique value of each web page through a series of efforts that involve both public-facing content modifications as well as behind-the-scenes, meta data inclusions. Configuring all of this content so that the search engines understand the unique content of each web page improves the strength of the entire website.

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Denver SEO Configuring for Search Engine Optimization

Configuring one's website so that it will be more easily found and represented on the search engines is a matter of first ensuring that the content is well presented and delivers some value. Secondly, managing the web pages so that the meta data effectively communicates to the search engines what the page is about, enables the search engines to have confidence that the content is consistent with what a user might be searching for.

The consistency requires managing the page meta data or 'tags' such as page title, description, keywords and abstract content so that these tags accurately describe the content of the page in terms that readers would use when searching for information. Additionally, care should be taken to avoid duplication of both public-facing content as well as meta tag content. Unique content in these areas helps the search engines understand that there is content of unique value on each website page. In all, this takes a great deal of planning to configure a website to improve its Search Engine Optimization.

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