Image Optimization
The search engines look for images to support their search processes. Taking advantage of image search through image optimization can be a great opportunity for retailers and manufacturers to display their products.
Video Optimization
YouTube videos can be optimized to attract the attention of the search engines just like any other type of content. Getting the most value from your video content requires understanding how search engines catalogue and index video content. Our consultants can help get the most exposure for your video content by strategically optimizing the host page and the YouTube placement.
Re-Purposing Content
Many firms get in a hurry to display more content. In the process, they wind up replicating or re-purposing older content into a new form. There are several disadvantages to this strategy that should be fully understood before undertaking such an effort. Contact us for more information.

Denver SEO Services Denver SEO Services - Optimization and Monitoring

The key to achieving great results is understanding the nature of the competition and the opportunities that exist. Acquiring this knowledge requires extensive and sometimes creative research. Looking into the statistics behind existing page and Website activity frequently reveals opportunities and highlights problem areas. But which tools should be used? There are several automated tools available, but there is no substitute for direct, human analysis in determining where opportunities may appear.

At Denver SEO Consultants, we utilize some of these tools, but in the end, it is the experience of a seasoned staff that identifies what areas present the greatest opportunities. Contact us today for a free consultation and analysis. We may be able to identify some opportunities for your organization!

Understanding the impact of Website optimization is important - especially in fine tuning the effort. By carefully monitoring user and search activity, we can quickly take advantage of opportunities and react fast to any problems that suddenly appear. Several analytical packages are available for these tasks, but in the end, a careful and creative human element is ultimately necessary to interpret the results. As your SEO provider, Denver SEO Consultants work to take advantage of unseen opportunities so that you can grow your organization.

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Denver SEO Content Marketing for SEO

Part of the 'Services' package can include content creation. Written content that supports the SEO effort must first provide elements of value to the reader. Once these value pieces are compiled, assembling them into useful written pieces can take several forms.

Press releases, blog posts and web page composition can all be optimized themselves to reach out to new potential readers and customers. Understanding the differences between optimizing a web page and optimizing a press release is one of the things that sets Denver SEO Consultants above other firms. Our ability to construct, edit and distribute valuable content on behalf of our clients improves the client's ability to build relationships with a wider community of readers.

Coordinating content so that it delivers value to the reader is the central element in content marketing. However, even great content can be optimized for greater reach!