Attract New Customers
Reaching new customers involves contacting them when they have an active reason to buy. Most potential customers with this immediate purchase need use the search engines to research their decision. Being first on the search results can get your organization the attention to compete for their business.
Cost per Acquisition with SEO
It can be more cost effective to compete for business using SEO strategies. Let us help you determine your current cost of customer acquisition and develop a plan to attract new customers at a cost-effective rate.
Customizable SEO
Most organizations have extensive knowledge of their industry and customers. A strong, customizable SEO strategy leverages this skill in cost-effective ways to communicate these strengths and attract those interested in your product or service.

Low Cost Search Engine Optimization Low Cost Search Engine Optimization

Many SEO practitioners rely on less-than-reliable or "black-hat" methodologies to improve search engine rankings for their clients. Unfortunately, this practice can cause the search engines to de-index or penalize the client site - removing the client's ability to attract visitors through the search engines all together. Delivering SEO services requires a unique understanding of the client's business and operating environment so that a strategy can be developed that maximizes existing business strengths.

This level of understanding requires direct contact and creation of an individual plan for each organization. There simply is no way to automate these processes. Does this mean that there are no "Low Cost SEO" options? Our proven strategy helps clients leverage their existing information and communication assets to the greatest extent possible, to optimize their website, increase visitors and improve sales - all while maintaining budget predictability. .

Why Automated SEO Systems Don't Work
Most programs that offer improved rankings for a low fee involve setting low-value directory links or setting links within a network of blogs. At best, these practices can achieve some short term improvements in rankings. Cheap link directories though, offer little value to improving page rank and can occasionally devalue the client page strength. Participation in blog networks though, can get the client site de-indexed. Google in particular does not reward sites for placement of links that the client has paid for and actively looks for paid link schemes to penalize.

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Denver SEO The Importance of Quality Content

Long-term, successful SEO always has a quality content component, based on creating and ethically distributing good quality information. Content that is valuable to readers will attract traffic and retain reader interest. A quality content strategy is a long-term effort that requires expert coaching and placement and distribution. Developing a method of creating great content and then letting others know about it can improve search engine rankings over time.

Social Media and SEO
Once good content is developed, working with social media networks to let readers know about it is a highly successful way to improve traffic. Many organizations though, have no established social media network to work with though, so these have to be developed as part of the SEO effort.

Social media properties, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others offer tremendous opportunities to promote your content! After all, what good does it do to invest in creating great information and content if no one knows about it! Social media has emerged as a key ingredient to Search Engine Optimization, so integrating social media management into the SEO and content promotion strategies is now even more important.

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