Boxing Day – Top 10 Things to Give Up for 2014

For the past century, “Boxing Day” or the day following Christmas, has been recognized as a holiday throughout much of the English speaking world outside of the USA. It has taken on a variety of meanings and traditions throughout the passage of these many years. Several hundred years ago, the English aristocracy would use boxes to distribute gifts to servants on the day following Christmas. The Anglican Church also had a tradition of keeping a box for the collection of goods to distribute to the poor – which took place the day following Christmas. Recently, though, some have taken to the tradition of ‘boxing’ up less used items for distribution to those less fortunate. It is perhaps a more noble sounding way of cleaning out one’s closet.

Cleaning out the closet to make room for newly acquired stuff makes good sense for those of us that are square-footage challenged. In the end though, it only makes sense to move on things that we no longer find use for. So in taking stock of 2013 and setting objectives for 2014, it may be worth ‘cleaning the closet’ of old and unproductive practices. To this end, we offer these top 10  things to clean out of the marketing management closet this Boxing Day.

No Freak-Outs when Rankings Drop a Point or Two.  The Google in particular resets its algorithms and reorganizes its incredibly huge data sets so frequently, that it makes no sense to rework the entire marketing and online ranking strategy based on a couple days trends.

Don’t Mistake Quality Content for Content Volume. In the end, producing quality content is the only real ranking strategy that pays off in the long term. Posting content to satisfy some idea of content volume is actually counter-productive.

Don’t be too Rigid in Posting Content. Sometimes, creating great content that will attract readers and keep them returning is a really difficult process. When the ideas don’t come, don’t reduce quality to achieve content volume

Get Help Producing Content. In fact, a fresh eye to creating content can really help. Many content creators look at their value proposition from the perspective of the provider. It is really useful to have someone compose the value proposition in the content from the standpoint of the consumer. Authors can get too close to their own content, so it

The Same Content Creators Frequently Re-Produce the Same Content. Get help from non-normal contributors! Colleagues and others in the organization may have some great perspectives. With a little coaching, they might be able to improve the overall quality and volume of content distributed. The most underutilized person in many companies is the one that answers the phone. He or she observes the entire organization, product-service strengths and may have a unique way of interacting that can be a hit with content consumers.

Don’t Depend Only on Facebook and Twitter!  Google+ won’t be a complete ‘ghost-town’ forever! As the Google offers rewards for using its social platform – including improved search engine placements, generating a large following now can put you way ahead of the time when others figure out that they need to be engaged on G+. Pintrest and other platforms offer tremendous opportunities as well.

No More  “Set it and Forget it!” – Pushing your latest post on social media before you leave for the office and then forgetting about it until the following morning won’t earn many new online followers. Follow up interaction throughout the day will earn new followers and build your circle of useful contacts.

Don’t Restrict Social Interaction! Leaving your online and social interaction to one or two people is wasted effort. People are going to interact anyway. Why not allow them to handle some of the company communication load? Of course this carries risk. Workers that are well-treated and enjoy their work make the best spokespersons, so management has a real responsibility to ensure that workers always speak well of their employers.

Release that Inner Comedian! Not everyone is funny, but laughter is contagious.  It also attracts readers and makes others comfortable with you.

Make 2014 the Year of Innovation. One never knows which outreach method will be the most effective for each message, customer, product or ….. there may not be a magic formula for every company, so a “wholistic” approach may be the best strategy. In the end, experiment, track results and keep trying new communication and marketing strategies.

The only consistent thing about marketing strategies is that they are always changing. It helps to be open to new ideas and to possess the courage to try new things.

All the Best in 2014!

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