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Link Building

What is Link Building?

A good link building program inspires other website operators to link to your content. Creating that content is only part of the challenge.  After all, if you have great content, you need to tell others about it!

Why is Link Building Important ?

To answer this, ask a simple question. If you had a great web page, would you tell others about it? Or if you had a great company, why would you NOT share the news with others in the internet world?

When another site or web page sets a link back to your company site, that page is essentially ‘voting’ for your web page in a huge popularity contest that the search engines monitor very closely. Link building then is the campaign in this big effort to convince others that your site has valuable content and deserves to have a link set to it. Link building then is the process by which the website owner convinces other site owners to link over to his page. And the more of these links he gets, the more ‘votes’ he gets credit for. Google and the common search engines will highly rank page that have many ‘votes’ over ones that have fewer.

PR & Public Relations for SEO

Building links is actually a very human task (as opposed to a technical one) that involves simply asking others to set links to your site. Over the years, we’ve seen many on-line companies claim to have invented a great automated tool that for a few dollars, will get all the links you need to roll into that #1 spot on the Google results page. Unfortunately, many of these systems work poorly if at all. Successful link-building requires a great deal of ‘hands on’ effort because the real challenge is to make enough contacts in the internet world that will see the value in your site; at least enough to agree to have a link placed on their page that points to yours.
The key element then in attracting links from others is the simple concept of ‘valuable content.’ Your company or organization’s website must be both unique valuable. This doesn’t mean giving away trade secrets, but it does involve showing the value of what your organization provides. This can take several forms. Case studies can ROI analysis can share the story of what value you bring to your clients without actually sharing the inner workings of how this is accomplished.

Denver SEO Consultants works with each client to find the unique bit of value that each organization and then promotes that value using proven methodologies. Reaching out to established website and blogs is nothing new to us. And this expertise can save your organization hundreds of man-hours over the course of a business year.

It is also important to understand the difference between the types of links. “Contextual” links are those that are contained in a blog post related to a certain portion of the company’s industry. These are generally quite powerful links. Other links – such as navigational or footer links – are useful, but may not carry as much weight in the overall campaign for popularity.

Denver SEO Consultants is highly experienced in generating the right number of links to your page by utilizing the real value your company and then telling the internet world about it! Link building wont lead to instant success or a fast-track to #1, but over time, many of our clients have indeed reached the coveted #1 spot on Google and the other common search engines.