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What is a Content Audit

What is a Content Audit for SEO

A content audit ascertains the relative value of website content and determines whether or not the existing information meets consumer needs and adequately attracts internet traffic. Typically, a good content audit will identify gaps in the information consumers need and are seeking when looking for information.

A content audit is less technical than the other components of SEO audit processes. The results of a content audit can include creating schedules for creating additional web pages, consolidating old ones and re-composing existing content – all to better meet consumer information needs.

Content Quality is Always the Top Priority

Content quality is always the top priority. What is presented to readers needs to communicate information that the reader finds valuable and is willing to spend time consuming. Google and the search engines can see how much time readers are spending on a given page.  If readers continually drop off the site or leave the page quickly, this page will not generate much ability to attract readers.

Ascertaining whether the content has ‘value’ is a primary objective of a good content audit. Length of text can of course be measured. Providing enough content so that the search engines can see that readers are spending a good amount of time on the page is a consideration.

The User Journey

Pages with lower levels of text are okay to have on a site.  However these should fit in a planned progression or “User Journey” through the site. In other words, shorter pages should guide readers to another destination on the website.

The User Journey is the planned consumption of content as a reader goes from page to page. Content must support that journey and provide appropriate links to assist the reader in consuming additional content.  Time spent per reader session is an important measurement as well. In the end, quality of content not only improves the “time on page” metrics but also “time on site.”  Both of these are important measurements of content quality.

Content Planning

Page content and sequence planning is an important part of developing website content. Auditing how well the consumption and progression sequences are working is a major part of the content audit. This information is also useful in planning new content development.

Researching what text can attract readers before the content is developed frequently yields additional readers once the page is deployed. And understanding where that page fits into the reader journey not only captures reader interest, but inspires additional content consumption.

As search engines become more sophisticated in reading how users consume content and journey through a website, planning content becomes much more important to building website strength.

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What is a Content Audit April 13, 2017