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What is a Personal Website and Why You Should Have One

What is a Personal Website?

A personal website is a communication management tool that individuals use to manage reputation and personal brand.

One of the essentials for any organization is its website.  The website is the hub of business communication and serves purposes ranging from sales and revenue generation to customer service and personnel management. Without a website, organizations would have no way to effectively communicate with potential customers or others within the company.

Why Should You Have a Personal Website?

But why should an individual invest in constructing and in maintaining a personal website?  After all, LinkedIn, Facebook and other platforms are highly effective communication and outreach tools. These platforms require time and effort to manage so adding another internet presence might just seem like more work with little meaningful reward.What is a Personal Website?

Among other reasons, businesses primarily rely on their websites to support information claims made in their marketing efforts. Potential customers will review the corporate site to validate claims of value, service and to get answers to pre-purchase questions.  A personal site performs a similar function; supporting your personal values and abilities.

For artists, photographers and craftsmen that have a visual product, a website is a necessary portfolio to show ability and accomplishments.  Although others may not have a visual product, there is no reason that they should be managing their abilities via an online representation.

Five Reasons to Have a Personal Internet Presence

Social media platforms are designed to be active exchanges of information – information that can change frequently. Personal websites are more statements of accomplishment, philosophy, ideas and past experience that are intended to be available over the long term.  A personal website allows one to state his or her beliefs and accomplishments so that others looking for information about certain topics, may find it.  A personal website may not attract much in the way of internet search traffic, but it will be “discoverable” by those looking for you!

Primary benefits of a personal website include:

Managing Personal Visibility and “Branding”

Imaging being able to present your view of your abilities and skills to the world!  This is your chance!  Like a resume, you can present your history, experience, interests, skills and just about any information that you would want others to know about you.  This personal “branding” strategy is important to make publicly available as, sooner or later, someone important will look for information about you!

Acting as a ‘hub’ for Personal Communication

A personal website can also tie your social platforms together.  By referencing your LinkedIn, Facebook and other social accounts, you make it easy for others to connect with you and to learn more about what activities you are involved with.

Supporting Professional Aspirations

Like a resume, you can use a personal website to present your ambitions, objectives and skills.  By making this information available to those researching your name, you are presenting the best version of ‘you’ that you can develop.  Others will research you at some point… why not provide the most positive information that you can?

Reputation Management

It is not uncommon for one’s name to be associated with an unfavorable act or bit of news.  Having your name mentioned in a negative news story can produce negative publicity for years.  A personal website – optimized for your name – can preempt some of the exposure these stories might receive.  Reputation management companies charge several thousands of dollars to create personal websites for the purpose of displacing negative information on search results pages.  Creating a personal page now allows you to build strength over time and provides an asset that can be used in the event of an unfortunate association with negative news.

Moderating Past Social Indiscretions

Statements and exchanges made during college or adulthood that turn out to be something that you regret later cannot simply be removed.  Social platforms will store this information indefinitely.  A personal website allows you to create and present a more mature version of yourself – despite those college indiscretions.

A personal website may be yet another online project, but the long term benefits can easily outweigh the effort taken to create it.

For help in creating a personal website, please contact Denver SEO Consultants.  We have the experience to handle reputation management issues and can develop a strategy to help you deal with information currently on the internet.

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