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Low Cost SEO

What is Low Cost SEO ?

Low Cost SEO puts an organization’s existing data and history assets to work in helping the company compete for business on the internet.  Many companies have unique stories to tell.  Low Cost SEO manages these stories to create better online visibility and higher levels of traffic and revenue.

Low Cost SEO Experience

We have many years of experience uncovering unique ways to utilize information already on hand to achieve better online visibility.

Beginning at around $500.00 per month for a three month engagement, Denver SEO Consultants can provide the expertise necessary to improve your visibility on the search engine results. Using the experience generated over the past 12 years and by organizing your information assets, we can help you get your site found on the internet at a fairly modest cost.

Some of these assets include simple records of accomplishment, case studies, client success stories and other information already at hand. Even new organizations possess these assets – it is just a matter of organizing the message so that internet readers will want to click on the company site for more information. Arousing reader interest and curiosity or promising to share valuable or hard to find information are the hallmarks of successful SEO work. And, this doesn’t have to be expensive!

Optimizing Your Communication Channels

Creating communication channels to distribute this information and creating an internet ‘buzz’ that focuses on the company website are the ultimate objectives to pushing the search engine rankings up. As search engines read the ‘buzz’ to determine what sites are being utilized by readers, it is important to attract as much traffic and as many links as possible that point to the business web page. In the end, the search engines use a measure of popularity to determine how to rank certain sites over others.

Optimizing all communication channels is then to focus the attention of your social properties, content strategies, blog outreach efforts and all forms of outreach on a comprehensive optimization and communications strategy. Through this strategy, you will focus reader attention on your side and – if you have posted useful and interesting content – the search engines will reward you with higher results page placement!

A Custom SEO Package

We at Denver SEO Consultants are highly conscious of what it can cost to build website strength through search engine visibility. That is why we work with each client to build a communications and SEO plan to not only get results, but to fit within the organization’s budget.

Each organization competes in unique environments, so each Denver SEO Consultants client enjoys a custom-prepared and individually designed SEO Marketing program. Contact us today for a free consultation and to find out how cost-effectively SEO can be put to work for your organization!

Low Cost Content Generation

Many organizations run up their SEO costs by hiring expensive copywriters, when a great deal of available content may already exist. With some careful editing of information provided by suppliers or even customers, content generation costs can be minimized while still providing great user information. Great user information is what is required to hold user attention, make the content ‘consumable’ and improve the way the search engines place the page on their results.

There are challenges to crating content on a budget though. Expert editing of website content is required to ensure that proper structure and keyword inclusions are made. Avoiding duplicate content is an absolute must for good web page content generation. One simply cannot copy content that appears elsewhere on the internet and expect the page to rank well. Further, most studies conclude that at least 1,500 to 2,500 words of unique text content is required for most pages to rank well.

Creating a website that ranks well while still controlling costs, is possible however. Organizational and industry studies, reports and making use of available staff to help with creating content can greatly reduce the costs of producing good quality text. Good SEO coaching can help gather and compile this information for placement within the website.

Image Optimization

One of the most frequently overlooked SEO strategies is image optimization. With a few bits of information included about your images, these can appear as search results and can generate interest and clicks to your site. There are a few requirements, though.. images should be unique, not stock from other sites or online libraries. We can help you generate images that will help you compete for search engine placement by adding the required information and manipulating images that you may already have.

Social Engagement

Social engagement is now a more important part of the overall SEO effort. Sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can all generate traffic. One of the best strategies to kick-start your website seo effort is to utilize the social networks that your customers and employees already have! A few strategic comments, content inclusions and images can get your content exposed using already-established social channels. Denver SEO Consultants can help you organize your social outreach efforts to support SEO. And.. it might not cost as much as you think!

Contact us today!

Denver SEO Consultants offer several low and reduced cost options to help companies grow. Our creative internet marketing techniques attract readers and customers to your company website at a reasonable monthly fee. Our Low Cost SEO options are perfect for local or start-up organizations.

SEO Coaching

Over the years, we have seen many small companies grow and prosper by using effective, long term SEO strategies to attract readers and customers. After an initial set up, and implementation process, long term results may be realized through simple outreach efforts that include Press Releases, blog outreach and social media interaction.

Blog outreach and the creation of content for the website blog can frequently be provided by those that already work for the organization, friends of the company or current customers. These people often have the writing skills necessary to create good, meaningful content, but only lack in some of the blog “tagging” or optimization skills. Denver SEO Consultants can coach your team to create good content and position that content on the company blog so that it will be likely to attract readers.

Many of your staff and customer base already have extensive social media networks! Building a company social presence on Facebook and Google+ and Twitter takes time. We can coach you through strategies to build those networks, but in the short term, we can help create and manage content that customers and employees would be comfortable sharing through their social channels. Utilizing existing social media networks is a fast and effective way of gathering the attention needed for improved traffic and improved search engine results placement.

Getting Started with SEO

This part is easy! Just send us a note! We will be in touch very soon to learn more about your business, your revenue objectives and organization. We will share our experience, some success stories and references and assemble a plan to deliver effective results within your budget.

Low Cost SEO April 14, 2017