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Integrated Digital Marketing

What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

Integrated digital marketing coordinates all online communication methodologies to create a powerful online presence for the organization.  Digital channels rely on one another for various assets that make them more visible and in the end, more powerful.Integrated Digital Marketing diagram - a cheesy PowerPoint illustration showing how all digital marketing disciplines relate to one another

No longer can a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy bring a website to a dominant position on search results.

Good SEO requires a strong Localization campaign, an active and relevant Social Media outreach effort and an ongoing Content Marketing process.  In turn, the Social Media strategy includes Localization elements and the Direct Marketing Outreach provides the readers necessary for the search engines to determine whether or not the website is providing authoritative information.

The Integrated Digital Marketing Approach

In order to maximize the value of your time, effort and investment in your digital marketing presence, managing all elements of the digital marketing mix are necessary to get the best return.

Integrated SEO Strategies

Earning good search engine placement requires that the page be seen by the search engines as an “authority” on your topic.  So good on-page management and technical strategy is important important as is good and valuable content that holds reader attention.  Google in particular sees how readers interact with a set of content.  If most readers drop off after a few seconds, the search engines determine that the content isn’t valuable.  they will then not place the page very highly.

On page strategies combine with content and landing page design and web development to deliver a site that the search engines understand and know that readers find valuable.

Integrated Social Media Management

A major function of social media activity is to drive traffic to the website. Without this support, a website may not attract the traffic for the search engines to make any value judgement as to value. Social marketing is also highly useful as a brand building tool. Many social media systems allow the organization to introduce itself to a much wider target audience and even target advertising specifically to those targets.

Combining audience targeting with landing page design can attract the attention of new visitors and drive them to the website where they can get more information.  Social platforms also allow interpersonal interactions and quick exchanges of information. This is a highly personal form of communication that each organization must manage. Not only does the individual in the exchange have a role, the entire exchange of communication and messaging is visible to the world.  This requires careful management of all information that passes under the company brand.

Paid Search Strategies

Facebook and of course Google provide platforms by which an organization can acquire traffic. Paid search integrates with the SEO strategy when landing pages are designated to bring readers to from the paid ads. These landing pages may be strengthened in organic search terms by paid search visitors. All of these considerations need to go into the overall website and outreach strategy.

Integrated Content Development

Creating new website content is necessary for Social Media outreach.  New and valuable content, including blog articles, can be the focus of social posts and outreach. Sooner or later, your social media effort will run out of information to direct readers to unless new and interesting content is continually introduced.

Content does not necessarily even have to be industry focused.  Many companies provide public service announcements or take up a cause (ie. cause marketing) to champion in their content strategy. These efforts need to be carefully coordinated with the web development, social outreach and paid campaigns to get full value for all the effort invested.

Integrated Direct Marketing

The single highest ROI of all online marketing disciplines is direct marketing or email outreach. This requires a very careful strategy to acquire and manage large lists of contacts  as well as a strategy to distribute meaningful information. Social channels are frequently used for list development, content creation (case studies , survey results and white papers) invites new readers to sign up to receive future information distributions. Bringing all these elements together into a long term Digital Marketing Plan and outreach strategy can maximize the ROI for your direct marketing campaign.

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