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Denver Web Site Development

Web Site Development

Setting the Foundation for a Highly Visible Web Site

Many organizations believe that a great website will bring more traffic and visitors. Unfortunately, search engines evaluate websites in ways that can inhibit a new site from achieving its full potential. Our web site development process helps you avoid common problems and get the most from your investment!

Technical Audits of Existing Sites

Simply building a new site to improve upon a pre-existing one is not by itself a strategy for success. Frequently the old website environment hides flaws and problems that, if not corrected, will prevent the content from appearing as a highly placed search result.

We audit each current site to identify these problems prior to investing in new website design. In this way, we prevent old problems from inhibiting performance of a new website.

Rebuilds and Redirects

Many organizations have websites that have been rebuilt multiple times. Unless each rebuild was handled properly, these websites can introduce problems to the current site. Denver SEO Consultants uses several tools to evaluate and ensure that past rebuilds were managed correctly and that appropriate redirects are maintained to preserve page authority and traffic.

Updated Content

Search engines like to see that a website is updated and well maintained.  Updating content on a regular schedule is important to preserving page rank and visibility. We help companies develop content production schedules that not only deliver new and meaningful content, but updates existing content as well.

Platform Management

Many companies manage websites using a content management platform or CMS.  These platforms can communicate to the search engines that the content and system is old and outdated.  Contact Denver SEO Consultants to find out how the search engines are viewing your site.  We can help you update your site as well as your CMS!

Platform Checklist

Many content management systems are available to host a website. Unfortunately, most of these “out of the box” solutions will not provide the flexibility you need to set up a search friendly website. Contact us today and let us review the platform you are considering.  We have experience with a great many CMS platforms and can help avoid many of the issues that cost time and money to correct. Let us compare your platform to our functionality checklist to see where modifications need to be made so that you can get the most visibility out of your new website.

Denver Web Site Development April 8, 2017