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Email Marketing for Financial Planners

Making Email Work for Financial Planners

We all get them – stacks of email messages and email ads gumming up the inbox.  Why do companies do it?  Simply put.. it makes them money.  In fact, it makes them LOTS of money. When executed effectively, email marketing provides the highest return on investment or ROI of any single marketing effort.

Email marketing offers one of the highest ROIs of any marketing activity you can undertake!Advantages of Email Marketing for the Financial Industry

On one hand, email marketing can be challenging to execute. That is why most of your competitors are not doing it! This leaves an opportunity to those that have the energy and willingness to use email to reach out to new readers. Email marketing requires expertise not only in message construction, but in list acquisition and development. Contact us for help getting started!

What makes Email Marketing Effective?

As noted above, we get tons of email each day – most of which never gets opened. Still, an email message with a compelling subject line and valuable content can inspire those with a need for your services, to click to your website to learn more.  To be effective, an email campaign requires a:

  • Relevant mailing list
  • Clearly Stated Purpose
  • Concise messaging
  • Call to Action

Mailing Lists

Developing a mailing list may not be as difficult as you think. Take a look through that stack of business cards you’ve collected. Dig into your leads lists. Chances are, you have a good sized list already. For businesses in the early development stage, other strategies are available to create a mailing list with a little bit of effort.

Clearly Stated Purpose

Letting your reader know what value she/he may expect from opening the email and then delivering that value is the key to making email marketing successful. The message must be delivered in very few words however, because people are busy and generally don’t like to spend time reading unless it is something that will enrich their lives.

Concise Messaging

Delivering your message in as few words as possible is another key element to successful email marketing. Remember, you are only trying to inspire the reader to click over to your website for more details and information. At that point, you introduce yourself to them and begin to build trust and credibility.

Call to Action

Many email marketing efforts create great messaging, but fail to actually ask the reader to respond. As you know in your own business, failure to ask for the business almost guarantees you won’t get it.  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  Asking the reader to learn more by promising bits of value and information available on your website is extremely important. Equally important is delivering on the promised information.

Integrate Your Email Marketing

Delivering on the promised value is where the entire internet marketing strategy, SEO and Social Media Marketing come together. Email attracts readers to the web page, the web page must retain that interest and inspire the reader to take action. Web design and content management directly influences the effectiveness of social media outreach, SEO and email marketing.

Email marketing works for just about any industry or business, provided key elements are provided. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation. We would love to meet you!