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SEO For Financial Planners

Search Engine Optimization for Financial Planners and Advisers

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for Financial Planners is the practice of causing your web page to appear on a search result page where it will easily be found. The benefits of this are many, including introducing new readers, building brand recognition and developing an online community.  Through visibility gained through an SEO program, a business may attract new customers.SEO for Financial Planners enables Advisers to compete more effectively for new business.

SEO for Financial Planners

So how does SEO differ from other business types? Financial Planners typically handle very personal information, which makes adding new customers a deliberate process built on the credibility and trustworthiness of the provider.

SEO for Financial Planners requires a content plan designed to build personal and professional credibility. This process includes:

  • Identifying particular questions that readers want answers to
  • Developing a service profile to meet unique customer needs
  • Establishing trust with the Financial Adviser
  • Showing that the Financial Planner is skilled beyond normal certification requirements

These are challenging requirements! Fortunately, there is no limit to how big a website can be or what information one may contain.

Website Structure

Internet search engines evaluate each website in terms of the content hosted. They also evaluate how users arrive at the site and what they do once there. One of the most important features of an SEO strategy is then to develop an internal website structure that attracts visitors and retains them once they arrive.

Good SEO for the financial planning industry includes identifying multiple search terms that readers are using and then developing content to answer those readers’ questions. Placing this content in a logical form on the website also influences how well the search engines will display the information on results pages.

With years of experience in website development and in SEO, we can help develop a website structure, architecture and content plan that uniquely suits your business.

Keyword Research, Search Terms and Targets

Search terms are those sets of words and phrases that readers use to search for information on Google and the other search engines.  Developing content and pages around these terms is necessary for your site and pages to appear on the search results pages.

Our keyword research processes identify multiple keyword terms that each practice may compete for in terms of search result visibility. Identifying these terms and phrases is an ongoing process as competitors and the search engines themselves are constantly changing content and rules. We help you stay in a position to grow your visibility! Let us show you how.

Search Localization

Many businesses and practices offer services in single geographic areas.  We can help you appear on search results when readers in your area search for the content you have. Enabling your page to appear on local search results tells your reader that you are the expert they need and that you are also a member of their community.

Need a New Website?

Is your website old?  Do its pages contain a “.aspx” or “.html” extension at the end of the URL or web address?  If so, it may be time for a new website.

Technical changes in website development – even over just the past year or two – have been remarkable. New platform capabilities allow website managers to quickly add new content and display content to new audiences. Many practices are developing a new website to take advantage of these changes and to upgrade their brand images.

Websites that are developed under a specific SEO for Financial Planners strategy typically outperform sites deployed without consideration to how search engines will evaluate the new site’s content. On the positive side, a website development program is a perfect opportunity to restructure both the content and the technical aspects of your website.  Be aware though, implementing a new site without a migration plan from the old environment can do more damage than good. We can help you retain the value of the pre-existing website and channel that to the new and improved version.

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