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Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing strategies can be highly profitable! Delivering information to prospective customers at exactly the point in the consumer purchasing process where the customer is researching a purchase can put your company first in line to make the sale.

Developing an effective on-line marketing program however, requires a great deal of planning and careful execution. All elements of internet communications must work together to deliver a common value message. Marketing products and services may return great rewards, but the effort requires skill and – yes – investment. SEM or Pay Per Click, when used with a successful SEO program, can increase total clicks and visits to the company website by up to 30%! Only by applying these search engine technologies and processes together in a unique internet marketing plan can these results be realized!

On-line Marketing and Internet Market Planning

Internet marketing begins with a carefully thought out plan. Compiling such a plan requires insight into the unique, value proposition delivered by each organization. Denver SEO Consultants analyze each client’s product/service offering to break down the value proposition into phrases and terms that prospective customers use during their pre-purchase research. As there are usually many of these phrases, the internet marketing plan will outline a pathway to generate visibility for each search term in order to maximize exposure.

Landing Page Design

Exposure is but one criteria though. It doesn’t do the company any good to get hundreds of web hits per day and earn zero customers. The landing page must quickly answer the user’s question, provide unique information about the product or service and convince the reader to continue looking through the site. The landing page has but a few seconds of reader attention to accomplish this. To achieve good conversion rates (converting readers into leads or sales), the page needs to have a clear communication objective and a message delivered in as few words as possible.

Assembling all the Parts

Assembling the necessary parts to a successful Internet Marketing Strategy requires a level of creativity that few technically oriented companies possess. Many organizations are capable of building various pieces, but getting all components to work together is the key to success in on-line marketing.

Getting the clicks is only half the battle. Closing the deal using online strategies is the other. Contact us today to learn more about how Denver SEO Consultants can develop an Internet Marketing Strategy for your organization.

Internet Marketing Strategies April 10, 2017