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Website Audits

Website Audits for Better SEO Results

Many company websites were originally launched many years ago. Through the years, pages were added, directories changed and multiple webmasters worked on the site.  For these sites, chances are that through the years, many problems were introduced that now need to be corrected. To identify issues that require attention, website audits pinpoint areas within a company site that should be updated or modified to improve health of the website.

A Comprehensive Website Audit

A comprehensive website audit examines all components of a website to discover any areas that inhibit site performance. These audits should be undertaken on a regular basis, taking into account any changes in algorithms.

Types of Website Audits

Auditing a website involves examining several areas, including:

  • SEO structural items,
  • Content, and
  • Technical structure

Each of these areas typically comprise a separate type of exploration that uses different sets of tools and scans. Experienced auditors are needed to understand results of these scans and to develop corrective strategies.

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Website Audits April 12, 2017