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Paid Search Marketing for Financial Planners

How Financial Planners use Paid Internet Advertising

PPC is part of an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Paid advertising through Google, Facebook and the other search engines can provide a significant return on marketing investment. It can also drain your marketing budget without any positive impact. Online advertising is effective as it places your message exactly where readers looking for products and services like yours. Paid advertising on search engine results can be expensive though, so managing the budget is a very important component to success.

Growing sales requires advertising and marketing support.The essential elements to a successful paid marketing or PPC campaign are:

  • Knowing your audience
  • Creating a compelling message,
  • Managing your budget, and
  • Delivering the reader to an effective landing page.

Audience Development

Most larger businesses have a customer profile that identifies commonalities in demographics, tastes and preferences and other  factors. This information can be used to target a very specific type of reader.  Facebook in particular allows development of a highly targeted audience for which your ads will be displayed. This improves the efficiency of your advertising spend as those that click on your ad are already likely to have the need for your service.

Facebook allows development of ad audiences that identify – among other things:

  • geographic area – where people live
  • demographics – age, gender and other information
  • affinities – what users like and don’t like

Facebook can also create an audience based on the profiles of those that have already visited your website.

The incredible reach of Google ad placements typically make a PPC strategy on Google results a little more expensive, but can push your ad and messaging to an incredible number of possible customers. In the case of both Facebook and Google, you only pay when readers take an action  – usually a click to a website.

If you need help creating a target audience or coming up with a strategy to show your ads to those most likely to become customers, contact us today!

Message Development

You only have a few character spaces to work with when creating an online advertisement.  And the image has to be something that readers find interesting. With years of experience in message development, we create messages that resonate with your target audience.

Managing the PPC Budget

Contrary to popular belief, managing a paid advertising campaign is a very “hands-on” process. Researching which terms offer the most potential value for the money is the most significant part of budget management and is made more difficult by the fact that there are thousands of potential search terms that you can place an ad on.  Relevancy scores also influence the cost of each click and even determine whether or not your ad will display. In the case of Facebook, relevancy scores also influence if ads are to be displayed.

In the end, managing a PPC campaign requires careful and very frequent monitoring!

Developing an Effective Landing Page

A landing page is the web page that the ad takes the user to when he/she clicks on it. These are hugely important! The information and content on that page needs to deliver the information and value promised in the ad. We can help you create both the landing pages and the ads that go with them.

In this instance, web development, including SEO, work closely with the paid outreach.  Social media and even email marketing can drive traffic to these same landing pages. And the more visitors to these landing pages, the stronger they become on organic search results. Paid search is an important piece of the internet marketing matrix.

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