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Social Media Marketing for Financial Planners

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the growing number of social platforms offer every business and consultant an opportunity to reach new potential customers. Social Media Marketing for Financial Advisers though, is loaded with challenges surrounding allowable content. Still, there are great ways to use social media to build your brand and expand your network to attract new business.

Social Media Marketing Requires Active Participation

Although the various social platforms provide opportunities for growth, it should be noted that managing these platforms requires a strategy and hands-on time to execute. Social media is after all, a social activity. Just posting content here and there won’t achieve business growth.Social Media Marketing requires a long term strategy to handle multiple messages and platforms.

Posting on Facebook and the other platforms should be done carefully and follow a carefully crafted Content Calendar. The Content Calendar governs and schedules posts and information distribution according to a strategy that integrates with any paid advertising, content creation, blog posting or SEO efforts. Systems are available to pre-schedule posts so you don’t have to dream up fresh content every day, but posting very regularly is necessary to social media marketing. In short, social media marketing works, but it takes time.

Social Media as Part of a Larger Marketing Strategy

Like SEO for Financial Planners, social media marketing requires a messaging strategy that fits the structure of the overall online marketing plan. Messaging can include discussions of trends, interesting blog articles or other industry related content. Developing a Content Calendar that outlines the basic post, images and any other information relevant to the business.

Marketing for Financial Planners needs careful management of each outreach effort. We can help!

The Social Media Content Strategy

One of the most overlooked strategies though, is to develop content about what is important to the community and not necessarily directly related to the business. After all, industries such as insurance or personal health care require very careful vetting prior to release. Finding a ‘Cause’ or something important to your city or town can provide a gold mine of content ideas that you can share with those in your town.

It is important to remember that the point of social outreach is not necessarily to sell services – rather it is to build relationships with those that may become customers.  After all, financial planners must earn a great deal of trust with each client and that trust won’t be built overnight.

Contributing information and other expertise can introduce readers to you and to what you do so that when they acquire a need for financial planning services, your name will be ‘top of mind.’

SEO Value of Social Activity

Inviting others to your website using social media builds strength for your website. The search engines see how many readers are referred to your site from social channels and is able to see how long they stay on your site. The more content that readers consume on your site, the better ability your page has to acquire visitors from the search engines.

Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and More

Facebook – the most common social platform – offers a great opportunity to connect with new readers. However, the other social platforms shouldn’t be ignored.  Google Plus can provide some SEO value, Twitter and Instagram can generate a large following if used properly and regularly. These other platforms shouldn’t be ignored in a social outreach strategy, but there are restrictions as to the volume of text, images and assets that can be posted. Planning for the types of content and message structure is needed to achieve the best results.  We have the ability to help you navigate each social platform so that you can receive the best possible results!

Starting a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Need help building a Social Media Marketing strategy? Just contact us!  We can share some tactics and ideas on creating a Content Calendar for your Financial Planning business.