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Denver SEO Consultant

Denver SEO Consultant

Why Hire an SEO Consultant?

At a high level, the answer to this question is simple – revenue! An SEO consultant makes your brand more visible to those that have a need for your product or service. And by “visibility,” we mean that when potential customers have a need for information about what you do, your company name will be associated with solving the need.

Choosing an SEO Consultant

This is a little more daunting than it might sound. Selecting an SEO expert requires in depth knowledge of technical website strategies, detailed technical auditing techniques and other marketing disciplines that usually require many years of experience to understand.  So if you don’t have this expertise, how do you make an educated decision?  In a word, “RESULTS.”

Each website and organization is different and requires a strategy uniquely formed to company objectives and strengths.  Fortunately, these strategies may be configured into a short-term strategy to help you decide whether a particular consultant is right for you.

Denver SEO Consultants provide references as well as a free evaluation and a short term plan so that you may evaluate the effectiveness of our strategies in terms of REAL RESULTS! Then, if you like the results, we will engage in a longer term agreement.

Free SEO Evaluation

We provide a free website and Market Presence Evaluation for all prospective clients. This website audit includes taking the time to understand the client’s enterprise so that each opportunity may be exploited.  The Market Presence Evaluation provides insight not only into website health, but into the integrated portions of the company’s online marketing mix. This includes an evaluation of

  • social presence,
  • platform utilization,
  • scripting and markup,
  • location management,
  • email outreach, and
  • direct presentation marketing.

Careful evaluation of these elements provides insight into the opportunities and strategies that can move your company forward!

SEO Planning

One of the major mistakes companies make in managing their websites surrounds the SEO process itself. Frequently, organizations simply hire a consultant, implement some changes and sit back to wait on results.  SEO requires a careful monitoring program and a strategy of ‘page micro-management’ to continually move the page into positions of better visibility.

The SEO plan itself is developed around primary pages and carefully selected keyword terms that can bring greater numbers of search impressions (the number of times your page appears as a search result). Naturally, the higher the number of impressions, the better the chances are for earning visits to your site.

We will provide a strategy for each high level page so that by monitoring and adjusting terms, verbiage, headlines and other on-page assets may be done to improve the result visibility for the selected term. Without an ongoing process of evaluation, your results may improve somewhat, but they may never achieve a dominant position from which to attract large numbers of website visitors.

SEO Integration

One of the trends missed by many marketing managers is the need to integrate the SEO strategy with all other aspects of the online marketing program.  Some organizations have their social media channels managed very well, while others have no presence on Facebook at all. These social platforms are hugely important to promoting the content on your website, so strategies need to be developed to utilize these platforms in support of your web content.

In addition to social platforms, email marketing and platforms such as Pinterest offer unique opportunities to introduce your brand and company to those unfamiliar with you.  We show you important strategies for integrating your SEO strategy so that these other outreach methodologies support your website.

Content Development and Promotion for SEO

What good is great content if you don’t tell anyone about it?  And what good is telling someone about your content if you don’t have great quality information? A long term content development and promotional strategy brings together elements of Public Relations, SEO, and Social Media outreach. The essence of an SEO content strategy is to plan out in advance, content that the public is already searching for and then creating text and pages to serve that need.  Our consultants spent many years developing content and promotion strategies for a wide variety of organizations, so let us put this experience to work for you!

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