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Search Engine Marketing

Building a strong SEO program does require time. For those companies that either can’t wait for the SEO effort to get their page to #1 or want immediate results, Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC) models are just the thing! Paid clicks are also highly effective in both attracting traffic and in converting readers into customers. PPC allows even new organizations to immediately begin competing for business using the internet search engines.

Pay Per Click

Search Engine Marketing involves establishing a budget for marketing the company on line and then managing the process by which clicks are purchased. Purchased clicks can – in many instances – yield very high conversion rates, as users that are very intent on making a purchase, are willing to click on what they know is a paid advertisement.

Like the SEO campaign, careful preparation and research are necessary before an organization should start spending money on paid links. The SEM manager will select the keywords that provide the most value in terms of traffic and cost. As this can be a confusing task, Denver SEO Consultants can provide the assistance and counsel to help manage an effective SEM and PPC campaign at a very reasonable monthly fee. Contact us today by send a quick note! We will be in touch soon to talk about moving your company sales up to that next level.

Link Placement

Link Placement and the Strategic “Call to Action”

Simply paying for link placement is easy enough. However, paid link placement is also a highly competitive effort. As with SEO, the objective is to cause the paid link advertisement to appear at the top of the paid link listings. Selecting effective keywords and phrases and adjusting the daily budget ‘spend’ to achieve the highest possible return on investment requires knowledge of how the paid link placement systems work.

Included in every successful SEM campaign is a carefully constructed ‘Call to Action.’ This refers to the method by which users are encourage to take the first step towards a purchase by providing some bit of information to the company. This bit of information may be nothing more complicated than an email address, but it must be included – strategically placed – on every landing page that receives SEM traffic.

Even paying top dollar for placement of the company web link is not enough to consistently get the advertisement link to appear in the top range of the targeted search. Using our experience and creative strategies – along with consistent management of the entire process – Denver SEO Consultants can make the most of your company’s on line marketing budget.

SEM Consultants Denver April 10, 2017