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Why SEO and Search Engine Optimization

The biggest change to consumer behavior over the past several years has been use of internet search engines to deliver relevant information when consumers are looking to buy. Consumers look for information about product and service characteristics, price, acquisition information and other facts relevant to a prospective purchase and they use Google and the common search engines to perform their research.

Search Engine Optimization positions a company web page to be easily found when consumers are engaged in this pre-purchase or research stage of the buying process. In fact, some studies have shown that up to 80% of consumers making a purchase decision will engage in on-line research prior to buying. This presents an opportunity for the company to use its internet presence to deliver relevant purchase information at exactly the point where a buying decision may be imminent.

Getting to the Top of Search Engine Results with a Strategic SEO Plan

Positioning the company web page so that it will be found by the search engines is one thing. Getting to the top of the search engine results pages or SERPS is quite another.

Getting to the top is important. For any given search, the top few results on the common search engines usually receive 90% or more of the internet traffic returned for that search.

A Custom SEO Strategy

Achieving success requires understanding both the industry and the competitive environment in which the company operates. A winning SEO strategy requires careful analysis of keyword traffic, competition website strengths and company strengths. Once the strategy is developed, implementation of that Strategic SEO Plan requires skill in link placement, Public Relations, Marketing and other forms of strategic outreach.

Once the Strategic SEO Plan is in place and operating, constant monitoring and – when necessary – modification by skilled experts is necessary to complete the climb to the top of the Search Engine Results. ¬†Each plan is custom tailored to the specific industry ‘niche’ in which the company operates. Careful thought and preparation needs to be given to determining exactly what prospective industry ‘niche’ offers the most opportunity to attract traffic and new business. The plan should focus on competing within the determined niche area, but also on setting the stage for expansion into other market niche areas.

Plans also differ between established organizations and new companies. New organizations can compete with older and more established competitors using the correct strategies.