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Content Development

Content Development is Integral to Online Marketing

Continually creating and posting new content on your website is necessary for the search engines to understand that you are a growing organization. Making that content meaningful is the difficult part! It is not enough just to expand content, the material has to have value and retain reader interest. This is why Content Development is a key part of the overall online SEO and marketing strategy.

Content Strategy

Like in Social Media Marketing, a content strategy is necessary to guide the organization to ensure that the website is continually growing and adding value. Unlike in Social Media, content for website expansion provides much greater detail and information and therefore takes a great deal longer to create.

Content strategies typically include research studies, poll results and other information that shows the organization leads others in the industry. This content is very much worth investing in, as it shows leadership and establishes the company as an authority on the topic. These pages also serve as landing pages for social media, email and the overall internet marketing effort.

The content development calendar schedules creation of useful information for installation on your website.

Content Calendar for Website Development

Setting a schedule for creating content takes time – sometimes a great deal of it. Assigning creation of the content to experts in your organization may not be something that people want to write about. However, this information is important to customers and consumers and expertise shared online shows leadership.

Many organizations simply put up a website and leave it and hope for the best traffic. Unfortunately, this strategy very rarely works. A site needs to grow and attract readers.

Denver SEO consultants can help create content, edit draft copy, set page design and promote the content once it is deployed.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you grow your content and grow your business!