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What is a Website Audit

What is a Website Audit?

A website audit is designed to identify strengths and weaknesses of a website so that corrective action may be taken to achieve the greatest visibility and consumer satisfaction possible.

Prior to engaging an SEO consultant, a full website audit should be conducted to identify where the problems exist and the scope of corrective action necessary.

How does a Website Audit Work?

A website or site audit is usually undertaken by an SEO consultant with experience identifying technical as well as communication problems. Generally, the consultant will utilize a series of site audit tools to track simple things such as broken links, dead pages and other technical issues that inhibit the site from attracting visitors. Included is a content audit, which identifies gaps in information, pages that lose visitors or fail to retain reader interest.  These results are compiled into a simple report.

Your Denver SEO Consultant will prepare the report as well as present the results to your team.

Who Needs a Website Audit?

Just about every organization can get significant value from an SEO audit.  Older websites or sites that have been rebuilt several times can make particular use of an SEO audit, as issues that were present in older versions of the site may cause problems with the current version.  Your SEO consultant gathers the history of your website so that these problems may be corrected.  If you have not seen improvements in performance after launching a new website, contact us for a free, initial evaluation.

What are Common Issues Discovered in Website Audits?

Typically, technical issues lie hidden beneath the surface. Issues such as inappropriately applied redirect commands that deliver the user to the correct page, may not be passing any link authority from an old page to the new. Older websites may have de-commissioned pages that are still in the sitemap or are simply throwing 404 errors.

Your SEO consultant will look at all your primary pages to ensure that migrations from past versions were executed properly.

Social Media Audits

Similar to website audits, a social media review can identify areas in which a particular platform could be leveraged more effectively. For help in evaluating your social media plan or for creating a social outreach strategy contact us today!