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What is a Social Media Plan

How do you Manage Social Media in Modern Marketing?

Social media marketing requires that odd combination of flexibility and planning. On one hand, responding to market conditions, online conversations and current events requires nimble and reactive communications.  However, a long term communication strategy is required to guide the ‘brand-voice’ and represent the organization.  These two communication methodologies frequently conflict.

What these methodologies have in common is the need for constant monitoring and ongoing integration with the entire marketing communications plan.  This is done through creation, implementation and management of a Social Media Plan.

What is a Social Media Plan?

A social media plan is a communications methodology designed to both react to current conditions and to deliver the corporate messaging strategy over the long term. And the tools required for this job are extremely diverse.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most common social platforms, but each has different values and restrictions as far as what information may be delivered and how. Pinterest is a highly visual system that can be very valuable if used properly.  Developing a strategy to utilize each of these platforms in a consistent and constant fashion is the primary challenge of a Social Media Plan.

The Social Media Plan typically consists of a content development schedule – which includes blog management, whitepaper development and the creation of other useful website content. Social media posts generate interest in this content and drive viewers to it, thereby expanding brand recognition and even closing sales.

Creating a content schedule requires keyword research and specific audience targeting that supports the overall organizational objectives. The content schedule assigns topics, resources and due dates.  The social media component calls attention to the release of this content via any/all social platforms.

Why Have a Social Media Plan?

Social strategies may not close sales directly as do some forms of internet advertising.  However, social platforms build support and develop channels to reach consumers with important information. These channels are highly valuable assets which may be leveraged to build brand support and establish the organization as a leader within its industry.  And without a plan, the organization is forced to build its brand and its following through word-of-mouth and other less effective methods.

How does Social Media Integrate with SEO?

One of the overlooked values of social communication activity is its value to the Integrated SEO strategy. Driving visitors to the website is a key element of developing page and domain authority from which better search engine rankings are achieved. The search engines give credit to sites that attract website visitors referred from social platforms. This indicates that the website is valuable and that page is an authority on the topic.

Creating a Social Media Strategy to integrate with and support the SEO plan elevates the company communications efforts and builds the brand into a powerful business asset.

Your Denver SEO Consultant can develop an effective plan that you can easily follow. Or, a plan can be arranged where we manage it for you!  Either way, give us a call to elevate your SEO and social marketing!

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