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What is Integrated SEO

An intengrated SEO strategy brings together all elements of the online marketing ecosystem – email, social outreach and on page optimization – to attract the highest number of visitors to web page content.

Integrated SEO

So many considerations for an Integrated SEO strategy.  In addition to on page optimization, these considerations include:

  • Internal Page Structure
  • Website Content Support
  • Social Outreach

For an SEO effort to be successful, a detailed plan must be prepared and executed. Only then will your website reach its full potential!  This is a major failing of most agency approaches as well as internal optimization projects. It is significantly easier to simply optimize a site and wait for visitors and sales to roll in than it is to develop an ongoing marketing and communication plan to build strength for the website. Over the long term, this is the only way to build website and page authority that allows you to compete for search engine visitors.

Integrated SEO Plans build website and page authority

Internal Page Structure

Simply optimizing web page content is not enough! In fact, most successful SEO efforts begin well prior to a website ever being constructed. Strategically formed URLs and architecturally sound design – where parent pages with high-volume keyword traffic are set as content ‘hubs’ within the site, and strategic internal linking are all extremely important to the future success of the site. In fact, there are over 50 points of consideration or requirements that the website design must meet before anyone writes one word of content!  If the site is developed in compliance with these requirements, the entire web environment may be managed to maximize visibility once the site is launched.

If you are considering a new website, call us first.  With over 10 years of consultant experience behind us, we can help you avoid common problems and create a website that integrates with your overall marketing strategy.

Website Content Support – Building on Your SEO Effort

Once the site is in the planning stage, it is time to work on proper supporting activities. After all, what good is it to write great content and optimize your site and not tell anyone about it?  Although there are many elements, the major components of website content support are:

  • Email Outreach, and
  • Social Support
  • Paid Outreach

Email Outreach

This is one of those areas where many companies simply fail to see value in reaching out directly to those that might be interested in your content. However, Email marketing boasts the highest Return on Investment or ROI for any marketing effort that you can undertake.

Email outreach requires a long term strategy that includes acquiring a list of target prospects and names to include on the outreach.  Many companies have these resources but simply fail to organize these assets into a usable list. In the end, this is one of the most effective ways of communicating with your prospective customer base.  Contact us for help in developing an email list and contact strategy that will help your website build strength and authority. This improved strength enables the site to compete for higher volume keyword search terms and attract more visitors to your site.

Social Support

Customers frequently ask, “which social media should I use?”  The answer is simply “every one!” Yes, it takes time and professional effort to manage multiple social networks, but from Facebook to Pintrest, each of these platforms can drive traffic to your site.  The Google sees that you are using social media to drive traffic to your site and will begin to recognize your website as an authority in the content area you’ve built.

A strategic management plan that includes REGULAR Facebook posting, boosting and advertising will accelerate your site’s growth. Using Google+ to build URL strength and Pinterest to associate images with URLs on your website can also help. Instgram – although somewhat time consuming to manage – can also build a community of followers that can be leveraged to attract visitors.

Paid Outreach

Unfortunately, many websites  – particularly new ones – do not possess the authority to compete organically for website visitors. Even with a robust social and email outreach strategy, the only option to build long term website strength may be to create a paid outreach effort and essentially “buy” visitor traffic. As it is extremely easy to burn through a huge budget buying traffic, careful consideration must be given to the keyword targeting strategy, landing page construction and monitoring of the effort.

A paid traffic strategy can be highly effective however and can not only drive purchaser traffic, but – if structured properly – can improve website authority and help drive more organic search visitors to the site. Wondering how to get started and not break the budget?  Contact us and we will create a manageable budget and strategy!

These efforts of course take time. They also require a sound plan.  Contact us today and we will integrate your SEO plan with all the important tools that will drive traffic and build strength.