How to Make Your Content More Enjoyable

For many marketers, content creators and social managers, coming up with new and interesting content is a chore. And sometimes the results are neither interesting or very valuable. After all, how many “5 Top Ways To…” articles can one content creator come up with?

Keeping one’s content from getting lost – regardless of how good it is requires a little extra creativity. Sure, all readers want to get ahead and acquire that one bit of information that can give them an advantage. But.. the content still has to be enjoyable to read.

The concept of enjoyment in creating content is often lost because of haste and because of the focus on providing value. Value and enjoyment are not necessarily exclusive of one another though, and the creator that can provide good content that is pleasant to consume will attract more readers. How exactly should one go about making her/his content more enjoyable to read?  A little creativity helps. Taking a deep breath and taking a few literary chances can make a big difference. So… here are a few suggestions to lighten up your composition style.

Drop the Pretensions

Not many commercial content creators are going to win a Nobel Prize for Literature. Most of us would be happy just paying the bills. Relaxing while composing content can really help. If the editors don’t think the content is serious enough, take a look at the readership from your last several posts and see if your readership is growing or declining. In the end, if it is boring copy to write, it will be boring copy to read, so relax and let it all go.

Associating Unusual Events

This is one of my personal favorites. Sometimes great lessons can be learned from unrelated things. One of my more successful posts associated holiday movies with ten top marketing lessons. What does ‘Home Alone” have to do with marketing?  People always forget things. They may not forget that their youngest kid is asleep in the attic when the leave on vacation, but learning how to handle things that get accidentally omitted is a useful skill. In the end, this got good readership and good exposure.

Make it Humorous

Agile and Scrum

Nothing disarms a reader more or attracts visitors more readily than good humor. Not everyone is funny, but everyone has a sense of humor waiting to be revealed.  Take a shot! Give it a try!  Last week, when in need of some ‘plus ones’ on my Google+ account, I came up with a slide based on some software programming methodology called “Agile” and “Scrum.”  For those unfamiliar with the process, the ultimate goal is to organize tasks so that all team members are working towards known objectives each day. Like all management schemes, though, these can have unintended implications- such as making poor business decisions easier to execute.

Releasing this slide on social media along with a very short explanation drew some great responses. Posting it on a Google+ Humor bulletin board drew quite a bit of attention as well. Posting humorous items can also allow you to distribute the content on locations that you might not usually think to reach.

It is also possible to borrow bits of humor and then simply comment on it. Recycling others’ funny stuff can work, too. If others have seen it, you are just extending the conversation.


Competing for attention is difficult – especially when more content creators are emerging and competing for attention. Including humor and getting a bit more creative can help.




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