Opportunity Marketing – High Reward for a Little Creativity

Alright.. I’ll admit to being a big fan of the Denver Broncos. John Elway and the Bowlen family that has operated the team for decades has put together an organization that – regardless of the wins and losses for a particular season – has been a foundation of the Denver community and a supporter of countless charitable endeavors. On top of all this, the addition of Peyton Manning two years ago, elevated the team to a top level of competition.

Peyton always does his post-game press conference meetings in coat and tie. He oozes class and dedication. He also has a tremendous sense of humor, answering a post-game question by saying his only concern at that moment was getting his hand around a cold Bud-Light.

Omaha Steak TweetKnown for his animated cadence while on the field, and giving directions in coded language – frequently using the term “Omaha” in a string of terms that only mean something to his team, Manning also provided a unique marketing and social media exchange opportunity for an enterprising social media manager at Omaha Steaks. After Manning’s Broncos defeated the San Diego Chargers 24-17, creative media watchers noted that Manning used the term “Omaha” no fewer than 44 times. Omaha Steaks then posted a tweet the following morning “construing” Manning’s use of the word as an outreach to their company.

The Omaha Steak response was retweeted countless times, earning quite a bit of exposure for the organization. Buying this volume of exposure is quite expensive, but the creator of the tweet won significant visibility for his organization for nothing more than the costs of managing the social media account.

Omaha Visitors Bureau Tweet

Omaha Visitors Bureau Tweet

Also wanting to capitalize on the high use of their city’s name, the Omaha Visitors Bureau issued a tweet thanking the quarterback for the recognition he provided on national television. This tweet also enjoyed great recirculation.

So what is next up for creative tweeters? With all the attention now on Manning’s terminology while on the football field, a few possibilities have already emerged. According to ESPN, the terms “Sally” “Alpha” and “Kentucky” are also frequently used on the field. Should Manning or even opposing quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots use or overuse one of these terms, social media watchers will be scouring the interactions for interesting ways to channel that attention into attention for their organizations.

Also earning honorable mention for creative opportunity marketing this week were the “shortage” schemes by Kraft Foods for their Velveeta shortage and also to Lipton for its Onion Soup shortage. Dry Onion soups are one of two major ingredients to that staple of playoff football parties – the big bowl of onion dip. After making a trip to the local supermarket to confirm that these items were indeed in short supply, we were able to confirm that in fact, Velveeta was sold out and boxes of Lipton’s Onion Soup were nowhere to be found. These organizations deserve credit for making a shortage into a positive news story – so much so that many local football junk food consumers swept up the last of the easily available supply.  (A friend later told me that Costco had an abundant stock of Velveeta, but most families don’t consume the product in five pound chunks, so the normally purchased sizes really were difficult to find.)

With another weekend of playoff football ahead, it will be very interesting to see what opportunities emerge for creative message creators.



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