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Denver Internet Marketing

Denver Internet Marketing

Increasing Brand Awareness through Internet Outreach

Marketing products and services on the internet requires unique knowledge of internet search systems and processes. Brand building, relationship building and product description all require a slightly different strategy but when all come together in a coordinated effort, tremendous results can be achieved.

Pay Per Click – Efficiently Acquiring Targeted Traffic

Purchasing clicks or buying a stream of visitors over the internet can be done using the common search engines or through Facebook, LinkedIn and other paid placement methods. However, without knowledge of how each of these systems work, a great deal of your advertising budget could be wasted. These systems allow unique and specific targeting of prospective target markets. Access to these markets can be expensive though, so it makes sense to enlist experienced help when engaging in a paid advertising or PPC campaign.

Coordinating PPC and Organic Search

Achieving high placement on the internet search engines can attract visitors to your website. Organic placement by itself is of course very important in building an online business. However, when a PPC or paid campaign is added results can significantly improve. In fact some studies have shown that when a paid ad appears on the same search engine results pages as a well placed organic result, response rates can improve by up to 30%.

PPC and Reader Behavior

Improving traffic to the website enables you to answer consumer questions and build relationships with prospective buyers. However how do you know that visitors are from the proper target market and are following the information flow on your website that you want? Ongoing monitoring of how different types of visitors interact with the website is extremely important.

Monitoring and Ongoing Performance Evaluation

If PPC visitors are dropping off the site quickly without consuming the page content, some modifications need to be made either on the Web page or in the way the PPC ad targets the site. If organic visitors are not taking a desired action, more research may be required to understand how they are working with the Website. In either case, constant monitoring and effective management of the Website and the outreach effort is essential for long term success.

Denver Internet Marketing April 8, 2017